Deer Processing
Any deer products without proper tags will not be accepted.
Processing                           $70.00
Skinning                              $20.00
Mount                                  $30.00
Road Kill
(Due to condition of deer)         $75.00
(grind, wrap, freeze)                $1.00/lb
(specialty items)                       $.50/lb
Ted Hots (15
lb. minimum)                             $3.00/lb
Summer Sausage
(15 lb. minimum)                        $2.10/lb
Bologna (15
lb. minimum)                              $1.75/lb
Bologna (15 lb. minimum)              $2.50/lb
Jerky (wholemuscle)
(15 lb. minimum)                $4.25/lb
Cheese added                              $.60/lb
added                                          $.50/lb
Beef or pork added                         $2.00/lb
(Beef and pork prices may change due
to market)
Each deer that we receive is handled separately.  This means you get the meat back that you
bring in.
Smoked meat starting this year will be vacuum packaged
before pick-up.
Also starting this year we will not be adding fat to your
smoked products but instead we will be adding pork or beef trimmings.
Any deer that are not properly field dressed will NOT be accepted.
Racks or hides must be picked up the next day after you drop
the deer off.  We will not keep them for
longer than 24 hours due to sanitation reasons. 
For skull mounts we would be happy to cut them off while you wait so you
can take them with you when you leave.
Any deer that come in skinned must have head, legs, and all
hair removed or you will be subject to a minimum charge of $5.00.
Any deer that does not have the bung hole removed upon
arrival will be charged $5.00.
Upon completion of your deer you will be notified by phone
that is it ready for pick-up.  You have 1
week to pick up the meat or a $5.00 weekly charge will be added for storing
your meat.
Any deer not picked up within 30 days will be donated to the local food pantry and the hunter is still responsible for the bill.

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Prices include processing.

Side or Split Side (quarter)  $3.09/lb hanging weight.

Whole of half hog- $2.29/lb hanging weight.

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