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Clint, Maggie, and Cody Rodabaugh


We, Clint and Cody Rodabaugh, grew up on a hog and grain farm in Dunkirk, in Hardin County.  We both studied at The Ohio State University; Clint majored in Agricultural Business and Cody in Animal Science. Cody interned with the Ohio Department of Agriculture inspecting area butcher shops including M&M.  The facility was very impressive so when the opportunity to purchase the butcher shop arose, we went for it.  Cody and his wife, Maggie, have relocated to Pandora and she helps with the day-to-day operations.


Our 7,000 sq. ft. facility includes 3 coolers, a refrigerated cutting room, and 1 large freezer.  Each of these rooms plays an important part in our quality control.  After animals are harvested, the carcasses are moved into our first cooler which is a quick chill cooler.  It is smaller in size than our main cooler which increases our efficiency in cooling down the warm carcasses.  After the carcasses are chilled to 38° F, they are moved into our main storage cooler.  This process prevents our main cooler from fluctuating in temperature, maintaining the quality of everything already in the main cooler.  Hogs are processed the day after harvest, while all of our beef hangs a minimum of 7 days to allow the enzymes in the meat to naturally tenderize it. 

All meat is processed in our refrigerated cutting room.  Again this ensures quality control as the meat never warms up during processing.  Any meat to be cured and smoked then goes to our smoking area.  Bacon, Ham, and Loins are dry rubbed and left to cure for 10 days before they are smoked.  After smoking, all cooked product is kept in our third cooler, which increases consumer safety through extra separation of cooked and uncooked product.  After the meat has been processed and/or smoked, it goes into our extra large freezer, which is kept at -1° F and has 14 circulating fans to ensure all meat entering the freezer is frozen as quickly as possible. 

Some of our other quality control measures that go beyond what is required or typical is that all frozen meat is double wrapped, maintaining quality and extending freezer life, and a 60 KW automatic backup generator, ensures that even in a power outage,  all coolers will remain running and product quality is maintained.  The generator is big enough we can run all of our compressors and all of our equipment at the same time without overloading it.


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Prices include processing.

Side or Split Side (quarter)  $3.09/lb hanging weight.

Whole of half hog- $2.29/lb hanging weight.

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