The following cuts are available fresh daily through our retail meat counter.

T-Bone Steak                                                                                     Round Steak

Rib Steak                                                                                             Swiss Steak

Sirloin                                                                                                    Stew Meat

Cube Steak                                                                                         Chuck Roast

Beef Shanks                                                                                       Short Ribs

Rolled Rump Roast                                                                          Ground Chuck

The following frozen products are available daily.

Ground Chuck Patties                                                                    Ground Chuck 1# packages

-Available in three sizes: 3rdpound patties,                          Liver, Heart, Tongue, Oxtail

4th pound patties, and 5th pound patties.

The following cuts are available fresh or frozen upon ordering.

Porterhouse Steak                                                                          Brisket

Rib Eye Steak                                                                                     Flank Steak

Standing Rib Roast                                                                           Skirt Steak

Tenderloin (Filet)                                                                             Arm Roast

Strip Steak                                                                                          Neck Meat

Eye of Round                                                                                     Jerky Meat

-Other products not listed are available upon request.

Roasters of beef for cookouts and parties, cooked or uncooked, with our without BBQ

“Shop” Beef (quarter, half, or whole) raised by local farmers and cut to your specifications, usually ready for pick up 2 weeks from your time of order


Shop Beef


Prices include processing.

Side or Split Side (quarter)  $3.09/lb hanging weight.

Whole of half hog- $2.29/lb hanging weight.

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